The Mystery Race

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The Ancient Chinese Zodiac legend tells the tale of a fantastic river-crossing race—an event that would determine the order of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. I updated this story to add an element of imagination—encouraging readers to think about their own talents and strengths and how far they might take them. 
When I was going to teach my students about the Lunar New Year, I couldn’t find enough children’s books about this theme especially about the legend of the twelve zodiac animals. So, I decided I’d have to write my own.

It turned out that my students really loved the colorful illustrations as well as the engaging story. I decided to move from sharing my story with my students to making it accessible to all children.  

I wanted to write a book as a mirror for Asian children to see themselves reflected in it, and as a window for all children to use for viewing the beauty of Asian culture. 

My mission is to share my Asian culture through storybooks that spark children’s imagination, creativity, and thirst for knowledge.  

Author: Pauline Huang is a Chinese language and music educator, songwriter, mother of two, and a children’s book author! She has a passion for writing stories and songs to educate and influence young minds to inspire pride in Asian culture and curiosity about other cultures. She wrote a Chinese songbook series, ‘Rhythms and Tones’ with Robin Harvey in 2010 and 2012.

Illustrator: Based in Indonesia, Wenny Stefanie is a very talented professional illustrator. Her specialty lies in animations and digital art. She brings this story to life with beautiful, delicate illustrations that tell an inspiring tale.