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On November 2, 2014, I did a Farm-themed musical Chinese session with another musician and educator Hermia Chen at Bank Street bookstore.  Here is the short paragraph on the event in the newspaper “World Journal.”

November 10, 2014, 6:00 am
「動感中文」作者黃瑞伶(Pauline Huang)及賀米雅國際教育機構總監陳盈蒨(Hermia Chen)日前在兒童書店Bankstreet Bookstore變身巫婆、農場主人、動物等,融合音樂、戲劇,搭配中文歌曲,為家長和幼童帶來了難忘的中文學習體驗。(圖:黃瑞伶提供,文:記者高夢梓)</p> <p>
「動感中文」作者黃瑞伶(Pauline Huang)及賀米雅國際教育機構總監陳盈蒨(Hermia Chen)日前在兒童書店Bankstreet Bookstore變身巫婆、農場主人、動物等,融合音樂、戲劇,搭配中文歌曲,為家長和幼童帶來了難忘的中文學習體驗。(圖:黃瑞伶提供,文:記者高夢梓)動感中文/

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