My 1st Book – Rhythms and Tones 我的第一本中文教學用書:動感中文

Cover_Rhythms and Tones

Authors: Pauline Huang and Robin Harvey

Illustrator: Denis Bellocq

Book Description (

Publication Date: November 15, 2010
Rhythms and Tones features 24 original, interactive songs and chants incorporating simple, every day language about real life topics of interest to young learners. The songs and chants are sequenced so that language scaffolds and builds on itself. Inventive rhythms emphasize the tonal quality of Chinese and natural Chinese speech patterns. Many of the songs and chants are based on call and response techniques, allowing easy learning of the patterns of questions and answers in Mandarin. This book and its accompanying CD offer a lively and enjoyable way for young learners to learn Chinese. The catchy rhythms and tunes are easy to learn and sing, and you may find children (and yourself) singing them all day long! Ages 3-12.
Rhythms and Tones features:
– 24 Interactive songs and chants, with additional karaoke versions
– Suggestions for interactive games and activities based on the language used in the songs and chants
– Additional vocabulary presented in lively, colorful illustrations
– An inquiry-based introduction to Chinese characters through search and find activities
– Original score, with music performed by professional musicians

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