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Vocabulary Review

Below please see a list of youtube videos that are helpful to review the vocabulary words in different categories.

以下這些Youtube 視頻適合幫助孩子們學習和複習基本的中文字彙。

Numbers 數字: 

Numbers in Mandarin (1-10) by Mandarin Phrases

Beginner Conversational Chinese-Numbers (0-10) by Yangyang Cheng

Learn Chinese Number 1-20 by tistranslation

Colors 顏色: 

Chinese Lesson: Vocabulary – Color by New York Language Chinese Cent 

Fruits 水果: 

Chinese for Kids – Follow Jade! Learn Chinese: Let’s Go to Market in China trailer by Master Communications

Learn Chinese – Chinese Fruits Vocabulary by Learn Chinese with

Family Members 家庭成員: 

Learn Family Members in Mandarin by Mandarin for Children 

Animals 動物: 

Learn Chinese – words for animals by digital dialects 


Weather 天氣:

Season and Weather lesson 2 by Patrick French

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