I believe presentations make one a better educator, so I always love to present whenever there is a chance. Starting 2010, I began a journey of giving presentations in different foreign language teaching conferences, workshops, and forums.  Special thanks to my dear teacher and friend – Robin Harvey. She is always super supportive and encouraging me with my presentations. Below is the list of my previous presentations. Of course, this is an ongoing list.

從2010年11月起,我開始在不同的外語教學及中文教學相關的年會,地區會議,或教師研習當中報告及分享我的教學經驗及教學設計教案,而每次的上台都豐富了我自我學習的成長歷程。雖然生活中總有大大小小的事情在忙碌著,我仍努力地把握上台發表的機會。特別感謝一個重要的導師兼朋友-Robin Harvey 的陪伴,帶領和指導,開啟了我學術發表的旅程。當然,這個表會隨著時間繼續延伸…


April 8, 2016 @ NYU DCLT Spring Forum _ Presentor, Integrating music, arts, and technology to create joyful language learning in the Chinese classroom


January 17, 2015 @ NYU StarTalk program workshop _ Presentor, Technology and Unit Planning for Chinese Elementary Classrooms

February 27, 2015 @ TCSOL, Teachers College, Columbia University _ Speaker, Job Search Workshop

July 6 – July 24, 2015 @ NYU StarTalk Program_Instructor, Teaching Foreign Language to Elementary School Children

Oct. 10, 2015 @ NYU StarTalk program workshop_Speaker, Integrating Technology into Curriculum Workshop


February 24, 2014 @ TCSOL, Teachers College, Columbia University _  Job Search Workshop Speaker

April 12, 2014 (with Robin Harvey) @ CLTA-GNY Workshop _ Story-Telling and Song: Strategies for Developing Fluency and Literacy in the Chinese Classroom

May 3, 2014 @ CLTA-GNY Annual Conference _ Fun, Engaging, and Musical Activities for Young Kids

November 8, 2014 @ NYU STARTALK Program Workshop _ Teaching Elementary School Chinese Through Technology

November 21, 2014 @ TCSOL, Teachers College, Columbia University _ International Education Week 2014 – Teaching Chinese in the US and Beyond Panel Discussion


March 3, 2013 @ NYU DCLT Spring Forum – Culture in the Target Language, Strategies for K-12 and Beyond, Co-Sponsored by China Institute _ Culture in the Target Language

November 3, 2013 (with Robin Harvey) @ New York Chinese Character Festival, held in NYU _ Sing & Chant in Chinese


November 16, 2012 (with Robin Harvey) @ ACTFL Annual Conference_ Song, Chant and Storytelling: Strategies for Developing Fluency and Literacy in the Chinese Classroom


January 31. 2011 (with Robin Harvey & Denis Bellocq) @ NYC LOTE Conference _ Songs and Chants in the Foreign Language Classroom

April 9. 2011 (with Robin Harvey) @ NYCAFLT Conference _ Songs and Chants in the Foreign Language Classroom

May 14. 2011 (with Robin Harvey) @ CLTA-GNY Annual Conference _ Songs and Chants in the Chinese Classroom

May 21. 2011 (with Robin Harvey) @ International Conference on Chinese Textbook and New Teaching Resources, Columbia University _ Integrating  Inventive Songs, Chants and Resources in Songbook into the Chinese Language Classroom

December 9. 2011@ NYU DCLT Fall Forum – Holiday Party: Games, Projects and Songs Swap Shop_Are You Busy on Monday by Pauling Huang from NYU DCLT on Vimeo.


May 14, 2010 @ NYU DCLT Spring Forum _ Musical Activities in the Elementary Chinese Classroom

November 2010 (with Robin Harvey) @ ACTFL Annual Conference (for China Sprout CAIS Presentation) _ Rhythms and Tones – Inventive Chants and Songs for Learning Chinese

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