CILFTE Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching @ 3/31/2018

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The Chinese Language Symposium held by Center for International Foreign Language Teacher Education (CILFTE).

As the alumni of this certificate program, I was honored to be invited to present in this symposium on March 31, 2018. This was also my first presentation ever since I’ve become a full time music teacher. Being the 3rd presenter in the Panel on Teaching Young Learners, I talked about how I used rhythmic speech to increase oral proficiency of young Learners. Very happy to get to learn the latest teaching pedagogy, strategies, and have the chance to know many other outstanding Chinese teaching educators!

擔任學校教師多年來,一直不間斷地在不同的研討會或座談會中參與學習或爭取報告的經驗,最近一年多來,因為任職學校的環境以及學生背景的轉變, 已經好一陣子沒有機會上台分享教學的設計或成果。

今年三月底,自己在2008年時在哥倫比亞大學所修的漢語教師認證的課程滿十週年,舉辦了一場漢語教學座談會,我有幸被邀請回去參與報告。我加入的是第一場”Panel on Teaching Young Learners,” 主題是 Use Rhythmic Speech to Increase Oral Proficiency of Young Learners “以韻律中文來增強低齡學童口語熟練度”。很高興在現場新認識了一些優秀的華語教師,也跟當初授課的教授和學姊們打招呼!


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