Apps for Learning Chinese Characters (for Children)

girls-playing-on-tabletUpdate: 3/11/2018: I’ve found out some of the apps don’t exist anymore. I will make a new list in the future. 🙂

iPhone / iPad Apps:

1. Chinese Learn to write Chinese characters 儿童学写字 (Great for learning stroke orders)
2. Easy Chinese 轻松汉字(easy chinese characters/games)
3. ArtChinese (Developed by TKB Hanyu School)
4. 快乐想象幼儿识字
5. 字艺 ZiYi HD Lite: Learn and Teach with Chinese Artword: Sharing Presentation 1
(Pinyin, Radical, Meaning, Pictograph, Character structure)
6. Abitalk Chinese Balloons Lite

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