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App # 1 – Fun Chinese

The first app I would like to recommend is called “Fun Chinese: Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Games for kids ages 3-10,” by Studycat Limited.

我要介紹的第一個應用程式,就是幾乎每個3-10歲小孩只要玩過都會愛的 — Fun Chinese!!!! 由 Studycat Limited 所設計出版。

    Fun Chinese

You can start with installing the free version – Learning colors with 6 fun games:

1) Memory: Listen and match

2) Bubbles: Listen and play

3) Color Search: Find the colors

4) Palette: Mix colors

5) Two by Two: Simple Sentences

6) Character Match: Learn Chinese characters

You can also click on the “Teacher” icon to review the lesson.

Also, the free version also allows you to play “Game of the Day” everyday, which is the randomly unlocked game.

If you would like to purchase other lessons, they each cost $1.99, or you can buy a 4-lesson pack, which costs $4.99. Not so bad.

這個應用程式有幾個初學者都會學到的主題,像是『顏色』、『動物』、『數字』、『交通工具』和『房子』。每個主題都有六種有趣的互動型遊戲。另外,每天都有一個”Game of the Day,” 提供大家多一個免費又好玩的遊戲!


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