Strawberry Monster 草莓怪獸!



步驟一: 下載iPhone/iPad App: Funny Movie Maker   FMM
步驟二: 把App所附的水果影像(或任何其他照片)用內附剪輯功能來剪出嘴巴部分
步驟三: 教導孩子新的漢字(或複習就的漢字),並事先排好順序。
步驟四: 請孩子先對好嘴巴以及拿取漢字卡的位置,即可開始錄影!


[wpvideo Y6vnt5y3]

Fun parent-child Chinese learning activity — Strawberry Monster!

Step 1: Install the free iPhone/iPad app “Funny Movie Maker.”
Step 2: Cut out the mouth part from the provided strawberry image (or from any other photo that you like to use).
Step 3: Teach your child some new Chinese characters or review some previously learned characters. Decide the order for the character flash cards.
Step 4: Create the hilarious movie! Make sure to confirm your child’s filming position and the order of the character cards.

** The maximum length of each movie is 30 seconds long. Make multiple movies if you’d like to include more characters!


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