You are currently viewing Youtube Playlist II – Fun to Read Chinese

Youtube Playlist II – Fun to Read Chinese

I was very happy when I found this youtube channel – Fun to read Chinese. Below is the list of the books in their playlist.


1) Classic Children Picture Books, including My DadLittle Blue and Little Yellow, Crocodile Scared, Dentist Scared, Rosie’s Walk, David Gets in Trouble, David Goes to School, No! David, Very Hungry Snake, and Carrot Seed.

Classic Children's Picture Books

2) Animation Stories

Animation Stories

3) Picture Books – Little Mouse Book Series 鼠小弟故事系列

Cute Little Mouse.Books

4) Level 1 Books 

Level 1 Books

5) Level 2 Books 

Level 2 Books

6) Level 3 Books

Level 3 Books

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