My 2nd Book – Rhythms and Tones 2 我的第二本中文教學用書:動感中文 2

Rhythms and Tones 2  Authors: Pauline Huang, Robin Harvey      Illustrator: Denis Bellocq



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Rhythms and Tones 2 contains 15 original, interactive songs and chants about real life topics important to Chinese learners in middle school, high school and beyond. In these songs and chants, Lily and her friends tell stories about their lives and interact with each other about their dreams, school and their activities. They talk about making plans with friends, going to a party, eating out, and social networking. Students will enjoy using the language learned in the songs and chants of Rhythms and Tones 2 to talk about their own lives. Each of the songs and chants in the book is supported by activities and cultural explanations which provide greater insight into word formation, greetings, motivations and more. Accompanying illustrations allow students to identify and learn additional key words and phrases and integrate them into conversations. The accompanying CD, performed by professional musicians, features a variety of musical styles and additional karaoke versions of all songs and chants. Filled with natural, everyday language, energetic rhythms, and catchy melodies, Rhythms and Tones 2 will provide hours of joyful Chinese learning.



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