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YouTube Monday #4

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今天要來介紹一個YouTube頻道 – 贝瓦儿歌!這個頻道其實含有豐富內容,除了兒歌之外,還有成語故事,三字經,養成好習慣的歌,明星唱兒歌的電視節目等等…(請見下圖詳閱不同的playlist內容)


The YouTube channel I’d like to introduce to parents and Chinese teachers is “贝瓦儿歌 (bèi wǎ ér gē) – Beva Chinese Children Songs.” This channel currently contains 16 playlists, including Chinese idiom stories, Three Character Classic, New Year songs, Children Song concert on TV, hundreds of Chinese and English children songs, and many more!

Among all the playlists, I suggest to watch the playlist “贝瓦儿歌 (bèi wǎ ér gē)” first (this playlist shares the same name as the channel). The picture quality and the animation is great, the pronunciation and pitch is excellent, and the songs’ tempo is just right for kids! Highly recommend it! All the videos have simplified Chinese subtitles.


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