App Friday #4

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今天要介紹的是適合初學中文的兒童的應用程式 — Kids Learn Mandarin Free! 免費版本的主題是”數字”。包含了八個互動遊戲,一首主題相關的歌曲,以及二十張貼紙。遊戲的情境還挺有趣,像是射籃球、打氣球、井字遊戲、熱氣球接從天而降的漢字…若要買5個或12個新主題,價錢分別是$9.99和$12.99。詳細介紹請看在iTunes上的產品介紹

Today I’d like to introduce a free app called Kids Learn Mandarin Free. The free version provides everyone with 8 different interactive games, 1 song video, and 20 stickers. The interactive games are fun, such as Shooting Hoops, Balloon Pop, TicTac Toe, and more! Unlock 5 lessons costs $9.99 and the whole 12 lessons cost 12.99. For more details please check its introductions on iTunes — Kids Learn Mandarin Free.

Interactive games: 


In addition to the interactive games, there are also a song video, and one page  of stickers.


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