YouTube Monday #5

Mandarin Chinese Lessons

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這次介紹的YouTube 頻道是MandarinChinese Lessons。其中的視頻我最推薦的則是 “Short Chinese Stories for Kids.” 目前共有102個不同的故事,包括成語和民俗故事、西方童話等…… 每個故事長度不到兩分鐘,附上簡體中文字幕,也很適合兒童或中文初學者來學習中文聽力和增強字彙。有空就去看看吧!

The YouTube channel I’d like to introduce this Monday is called “MandarinChinese Lessons.” Among different playlists, I strongly recommend “Short Chinese Stories for Kids.” There are different stories in it, including Chinese and English idiom stories and Chinese folk tales. All stories are short (less than 2 minutes) and have subtitles in simplified Chinese. Good for children or beginner learners.

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